Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Love My Daddy!

Every Thursday, I not only post an entry on my blog, I also send out an email to all our family. Today's looked like this:

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Another week down and just about 12 ½ to go…but who’s counting!? :) The belly is definitely growing. Some days I just stop and look at myself in the mirror in utter amazement. I have seriously enjoyed ever bit of these 27 weeks. I love being pregnant, I love feeling Sklyar moving and kicking all around. I love seeing my belly grow and know that she is growing. It is just unbelievable how incredible this experience is. I am so thankful and grateful for it all. I am still enjoying all her movements. In fact, I can’t get enough. I hear I won’t be saying that much longer and as she gets bigger/stronger. Right now, I just love everything about her! :)

People keep asking me about weird cravings. I haven’t had any. I guess that isn’t normal!? I feel like I eat pretty much like I always have. The only thing I seem to want more than usual is chocolate. I do however limit the intake on that! Although, I have heard that eating chocolate makes for a calm baby. The things you hear are too much.

Seth is telling the teachers at daycare that his little sister is coming right after Christmas in January. He is just ready for her to be out! He is always asking when she won’t be in my belly anymore. It was easy for Eli and I to tell them after Christmas, but with Christmas just next week, we are saying after Valentine’s Day. Swae is sure to give her sister a kiss before going to bed every night. She rubs my belly and tells her how much she loves her and to sleep good. My heart melts every single time she does it. She is still so sweet and will run over and rub Skylar or give her a kiss. Skylar is definitely never forgotten. Eli and I are thrilled at how excited they are for their little sister.

We have finally started to get Skylar’s room ready. I picked out paint for the first time in my life (scary!!!!!) and it was actually a good choice. We aren’t completely done – or I should say, Eli isn’t completely done with the painting yet. But we are close. Then we can start moving in furniture and really getting going with the decorating. I am so anxious for it all to come together!

We are all very excited for Christmas this year. Swae and Seth have a chocolate countdown they have been enjoying and were so excited this morning when we were talking about Christmas being just one week away. They are also excited about baking Santa some cookies that he can enjoy and share with his reindeer. Oh to see their little faces light up on Christmas morning will be one of the most memorable times in our lives.

We hope that you all have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!!!

Much love,
Eli, Stephanie, Swae, Seth,…and Baby Skylar

My dad always gets a kick out of my emails and today, I got a kick out of his response!

"Hi Stephie. Great letter this week, only one problem though. I'm going to have to get a new laptop with a bigger monitor because your belly is getting soooo big it won't fit on my screen anymore :-) Love, Daddy."

Oh how I love my Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Coffee Slut said...

omg, I am so slow're Steph! I was thinking about you on my commute and realized I hadn't had any updates on your blog, and I got worried!
So glad you're still here!


Can't wait to see nursery pis!

Megan said...

Great way to keep family updated! I can't wait to see the nursery, I love the pattern you picked!

Jiff said...

LOL. Your Dad is hilarious!
Sounds like something mine would say. lol.