Friday, December 19, 2008

6 Months Difference

I remember writing back in October about how much the neighborhood has changed. How there are new houses going up all over and the other side of the street is finally filled...all in just six months.

This picture is from when I first moved in (April). I was standing on my front porch taking this picture of across and down the street.
This is looking right from my porch.
This is just looking directly across the street.
Now look at it!! This is looking right from the porch!
And this is looking left.
Crazy how much those months changed things. Oh and that blue car in the picture above...I want to key it! They park in between our driveway and the neighbors, but there isn't a lot of room. This makes it a CHORE to get in and out of our driveway. We literally have to swing it WIDE to make it in. It's a huge pain in the ass.

It finally feels like a neighborhood. It's nice. I just wish there were a little more "room". But overall we are super happy with our house and love our location. We have a home - a home that really feels like "home".


Jiff said...

Leave a note on their car. They may not realize how much they are in the way. And HELLO... everyone has a driveway and a garage -- SO USE IT. Hehe. That's what I'd tell them. :)

And your neighborhood is blooming! :)

Mrs. F said...

Wow. It really changed. A lot. It looks like a real neighborhood, with real inhabitants and everything. Cute, too.


Boy what a change!!! You must live somewhere WARM! no snow in the pic! I am moving in!

Jodi said...

It looks like a nice neighborhood! I would leave a little "love" note on the car suggesting they use another spot or use a driveway or garage since it looks like they all have one. I hate when people are rude. Where I work, they have long parking spots and we have to park towards the end because people will park behind you in your spot and block you in. Can you imagine?

HM said...

Be a punk, put cones out there :) I hate when people are so disrespectful! Neighborhoods were going crazy around here. I noticed that they've slowed down a lot though. It is nice to have a neighborhood though.