Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Busy Saturday - The Non-Stop Kind

What a day it has been. While I wanted to go for a job, it didn't quite happen.

What I can tell you is that I did do my best to run up and down the stairs and from room to room when I could. I got my entire house clean. My last load of laundry is in the wash right now. I even stripped down our bed and everything. I have boiled Skylar's pacifiers. Let's see what else. Oh my good friend is in town and she stopped by with her 3 week old little boy. So freaking cute. I love little babies. I held him and held him and reluctantly gave him up to Tara to hold and snuggle on. It was so nice visiting with them and seeing the baby. I just wish that she lived closer so that her son and my baby girl could grown up close together.

That was the only time I stopped. As soon as they left I was back up and making dinner for my family and doing various other little things. Now, while I have read a handful of posts (I still have a million more to read) and posted a couple of my own blogs, I am still itching to do more. Part of me is tired, but the other part. The other part feels ready to run a marathon. Weird huh?

I am listening to my family play "Go Fish" right now. It is cracking me up. Every single time Seth draws a card, he announces what he got. This Swae eats up because then she knows exactly what to ask him for. We have all told him a million times not to say what he draws, but he doesn't quite get the concept. It is so cute. Swae also has a tooth that is insanely loose. Just one side of it is hanging on. When she looses this one, she will have no front teeth. She is so cute. I gave her an apple tonight. It helped it a little, but it hurt her to bite into it too much. I keep helping her twist and she keeps playing. We are working on it, but it's almost bed time now.

Me, I am going to do a few more things then jump in the bath and read. I think a bath will be good for me and help me relax. Unless I relax, I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Oh and for all of you that have told me the sex (sperm) helps with labor, we are on it. We have been having it...A LOT!!!! For a couple months we seemed to take a break. However the last couple of weeks have been fabulous. And with him ready for his little girl to enter the world, it has been even more so. This is probably way TMI (and more than I think I have ever shared on this blog), but I'm talking multiple times a day! This child is stubborn already and has a mind of her own. So there is no doubt that I could do every single trick in the book and she will only come when she is damn good and ready!! :) Thanks to all of you for your tips. Another one I have been trying today is the nipple stimulation! haha Have a good night.


Stephanie said...

Oh you're hilarious..I just love you :) What's TMI when it's your own blog! you're experiencing nesting..which means it's close. When you feel like you could run a marathon and you basically start organizing closets and whatever else you can find to cute!

Jiff said...

You crack me up.

She will definitely come when she's good and ready. I think she may be waiting on your in-laws. :)

angie said...

I laughed when you were telling us about your sex. You gotta do what you gotta do in order to get that baby out right! I'm sure you are so excited. One of your other posts said you couldn't stop wondering when she was going to come...I'm pretty sure that's normal and if it was me I would be OBSESSED with every possible contraction or hint that she was coming out!