Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy, busy day

What a day I have had. A very productive one at that. Got up first thing and had me some breakfast. Got ready went to the bank and then headed to a much needed nail appointment. While there I met the new girl who said she'd clean up my eyebrows for $10. Can't beat that. We started talking facials and she said she would charge $50. That is very reasonable. Then she said she would give me 20% off my first one. You bet your ass I booked one.

From there I went to return a picture I had gotten at Bed Bath & Beyond. Got some fun birthday candles. The flame is actually red, blue, orange, etc. Figured the kids would like them.

I then made my way to Babies R Us. As soon as I walked in I was grossed out from the sight of seeing an ex of mine. Boy I don't know what I was thinking. I clearly wasn't. I picked up the breast pump I had had my eye on and headed to check out. What a process it turned out to be. I returned something. Then bought breast pump. Then I needed to pay for the changing table I ordered but hadn't come in. It took forever. The poor girl helping me. She was getting so frustrated cause the transaction wasn't going right. I felt bad. Finally, after a LONG time she called her manager to come do it and even she had a rough time. I walked out happy.

Once home I got to work putting a few things together, checking out the pump, and then into Skylar's room I went. I was going through things and organizing and moving things. All over the place. Oh and I had laundry going as well. Then somehow Eli and I started going through our closet and cleaned out clothes and just organized. From there I moved to the kids rooms and weeded out their toys and then we finally brought I'm the rest of their Christmas stuff since there is now room for it.

Just as I was sitting down I noticed a missed call from Babies R Us...the changing table is in. Looks like I'll be busy again tomorrow!!!

The "nesting" has totally begun...along with contractions-nothing serious yet though!!


Christy said...

I never suffered from nesting. My house was in complete disarray during my entire pregnancy.

Heathermrtnz said...

Wow, you did have a busy day! I bet it feels good to get so organized before she comes. Once she's here you will be a busy momma!

Jiff said...

I never got to the nesting stage in the 3rd trimester since I delivered so early... but I definitely had it during my 2nd. I got a TON done too...feels great, no?