Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh This Little Girl

She has made my heart stop a couple times.

Friday night into Saturday morning (during the night) wasn't normal at all. Lately, I have been getting up more to go to the bathroom during the night since she is getting lower and likes to play with my bladder. When I do, I always feel her when I get back in bed. It's like she has to get comfortable again with me. But not that night. I think I was up three or four times (once was with Seth) and I never felt her move. Saturday morning I laid in bed waiting for her to do her normal routine...nothing. I was still trying not to freak out. But it was hard. I got up, fed the kiddos, and ate myself. She still wasn't moving. I tried drinking cold water. Nope. At this point it is damn near 11 and I had made up my mind. The kids and I jumped in the shower and got ready and headed to the hospital. Luckily my mom wasn't busy and she was able to meet me there. It wasn't that I couldn't do it alone, I just wanted someone to be there to help me with the kids.

At the hospital they were extremely nice. They got me right into a room and were quick to get me on the monitor. It was such a relief to hear Skylar's heartbeat. And although she didn't move much, she moved a few times in the hour they had me hooked up and that was enough for them to feel comfortable that everything was alright. The coolest part of the entire time being hooked up was with Swae. Skylar's heartbeat was ranging from the 120's-150's. Out of no where Swae came over to the bed and rubbed my belly and started talking to her sister. INSTANTLY Skylar's heartbeat sky rocketed into the 160-170's and she moved. The response to her sister was unbelievable. It is a moment that I want to hold dear to me for the rest of my life. Swae thought it was pretty cool as well since she was watching the monitor as well. Seth of course jumped in the the action. Those two are going to be the best big brother and big sister ever.

While some may think I over reacted going in, I know in my heart that I did the right thing. I was told by the hospital I did the right thing and to come back if it happens again. And when I told my OB today that it happened she said she was proud of me and would rather me come in every single day than over look something and have something happen. I was just happy that there was nothing wrong and the little girl was still cooking just fine.

Fast forward to today. I go to the doctor ready for just a simple check-up other than the Group B strep test. I definitely wasn't excited to have my girly bits and the other area swabbed. Luckily, it was quick...just uncomfortable. She didn't check to see if I was dialating yet. She said that will be next week. She measured me and that was when things took a turn for the worse. I am measuring 3cm smaller than what I should. While I have been a little small for a while, she said once it gets to 3cm, it is something to look into. I couldn't help but be scared. Then when she listened to her heartbeat, she didn't say it sounded good or strong like usual. This is probably because she was thinking about me being small and wanting to get me in for an ultrasound. While I got dressed, she had her nurse inform the tech and I was moved from that room into the u/s room. My heart was pounding. All I kept thinking was that I wanted Skylar to be OK and then being induced and not feeling completely prepared. It took so much to hold back my tears.

My concern was easily pushed aside when I saw my little girl moving around. She is looking and measuring healthy. She is even practicing breathing which the tech said proves that neurologically she has developed great. She took a ton of measurements - her head, tummy, arm, leg, fluid. I kind of got to see her face...just kind of. I made out her eye. But it wasn't a good view at all. It looked like an alien eye. It was just nice to see a half assed profile of her. The u/s was over and I was sent out to wait for my doctor.

She came over with a look...not a look of we are in the clear, but not a look of go get your bag and let's do this thing either. She told me my fluid is pretty low. She said she would like to see my number at 12 and mine is at 7.8. This concerns her. And because it is a concern, she will be making sure that my fluid levels are checked on a weekly basis as well. If that number gets to a 5, they will have to induce. She said that I am probably measuring small since there is such little fluid.

So that is where we are at with all of this. I am just thankful that my little girl looks healthy. Now we just need to be sure that the fluid doesn't drop because that could be a huge risk. So next week I will have a cervical check and get the fluids checked. Until then, I need to drink a lot of water and keep cooking her the best I can!

Oh and I am sorry for not posting pictures today. I took them, I just didn't have time to post them. I will do that first thing tomorrow morning. Good night all!


little erin said...

yikes!!!! i'm so sorry to hear that you had such scary experiences. i'm praying for you and keeping my fingers crossed that this all goes a little more smooth for you. i honestly believe that with all your positivity-- your positivity will influence good things for the rest of the pregnancy. i really believe it! so keep being positive and i'll keep thinking positive. i'm SURE everything will be fine!!!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness, Steph! That must've been so scary. The good news is that your baby girl is just fine, and you have great doctor's looking out for you. To boot, you have a KILLER mom's instict, and that's going to ensure your little one is just fine. Keep us posted and I am thinking of you and sending lots of happy thoughts your way! Stay positive, sweets! :) xoxo

PreppyGirl said...

Sending good thoughts your way! Great job acting on your instincts and that your doc was encouraging you to do so!

Megan said...

You completely did the right thing girl! How scary. I am glad your doctor is taking such good care of you and is on top of everything. My cousins fluid was low and she gave birth 6 weeks early to a beautiful, healthy little girl, so no worries...Skylar will be just fine, now go drink some water!! I will be sending you good, healthy, fluid increasing thoughts from across the country this coming week.

Multi-tasking Mama said...

How scary!! You did the right thing getting checked.

Good knews is that your baby is done baking as of tomorrow so anytime she decides to come you will be fine.

Multi-tasking Mama said...

I meant news. Oh well.

Jayla'sMommy said...

that must have been really scary... you definitely did the right thing.

and about the fluid levels, it was the exact opposite for me, mine were way too high which is not good either. hopefully yours go up so they don't have to induce but if they end up having to do it, at least you are far enough along now for Skylar to be fine.
but i am sure it will be fine

Christy said...

You definitely did the right thing. I went to the hospital SEVERAL times when I was pregnant with Porgie. I had an anterior placenta, which buffered her movements. Better to be safe than sorry.

~Billie~ said...

You definately did the right thing by going in!! Always better to be safe than sorry. I hope everything works out okay with your levels and everything. I'll keep you two in my thoughts, though it is good to hear she looks healthy and is moving around well.
And OMG! How cute! She totally recognizes her older sister, already. That is so cool!

Lynsey said...

Wow that would be scary. Sometimes I have a hard time with what doctors say, don't get me wrong, a healthy baby is most important but sometimes I feel doctors over-react. It's hard though. Glad all is ok.