Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simple Sunday

I am tired today...really tired. Maybe I overdid yesterday??

I got up fairly early (8:30a) to meet my little sister for coffee, went and spent some time at my parents, stopped at my grandpa's, Eli and I went and got some of my old things from my Papa's house, went to Goodwill, lunch, then home about 2p. Long day again so far. I am not patiently awaiting my husband getting home with our little girl's changing table. I will then be busy organizing and getting everything finalized in the room.

My parents sold my Papa's house. June will be three years since he passed away. And taking everything out of the house and realizing that there will be someone else living there, someone else that owns it...really tore me up. After everything was loaded I walked through the house one last time. I walked around outside and as I was driving away, the tears were just rolling down my cheeks. While I understand that my parents are doing the right thing selling the house as it is a huge added responsibility. It is just hard to think about not being able to go and visit. It makes things just different. I miss my Papa so much. We were so incredibly close and it makes me so sad that he hasn't been a part of the Skylar experience, he didn't get to meet the one man that wasn't a douchebag in my life and makes me happy. He hated all my boyfriends and I really think that him and Eli would have got along. I really think he would be proud. I think that he would be happy and there is no doubt he would have thoroughly enjoyed being a great-grandpa.

Ok, I'm not helping anything now.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!


Cheatwoods said...

Bless you! Death is hard. I had a cousin that passed away almost 4 years ago, she was 24. Im sorry! BLess yoU!

BTW your belly looks so cute

Jiff said...

yeah, I know it stinks. :(

amanda said...

hope you have your feet up and are relaxing with the deserve a break!