Friday, February 20, 2009

36 weeks 5 days - Belly Pictures

So much for "first thing" huh? I get so easily distracted these days. That and I have actually been working and trying to get things organized. You never know, I just might leave early today. :)

Last night I got a great nights sleep. Oh it was wonderful. I got up about an hour after I went to bed to go potty and then again at 5. Not too bad at all. And the rest of the time, peaceful, comfortable sleep. Much needed (and wanted!!!) sleep. And come 6, I didn't want to get out of bed. I literally laid there for at least two minutes debating on whether or not I should call in late for work this morning to get some more sleep. I realized that since I was awake I should just get out of bed because I would have a hard time sleeping knowing that I should be at work doing my job. But I wasn't happy about it!

The pictures aren't the greatest this week for some reason. Maybe it is just me. Whatever. I think the belly looks huge so it blows me away that it is smaller than what it should be. These were taken yesterday morning.

You all pretty much got the update with last nights post. I did meet with the pediatrician yesterday morning. I have heard nothing but good things about her and the office that she is affiliated with. All the staff was super friendly and down to Earth. None of the stuffy business which I loved. I was reassured that if I all and say that Skylar is sick, they will be sure to get her in that very same day. That right there makes me happy. So we have that taken care of. This little girl is starting to drop. I feel her play with my bladder a lot more than I feel her in my ribs. She is starting to get ready.
I am still feeling good other than getting tired. I am trying to listen to my body and get rest when I need it though. This isn't always easy though when we have the kiddos with us. I feel guilty not being active with them. Just the other night I was running around outside of Toys-R-Us with Seth. And I felt the contractions for it after! Swae and Seth are so wonderful and amazing. They are getting more and more excited for the arrival of their sister. It is talked about and mentioned ALL THE TIME. I just hope that they are with us when I go into labor. And if not, I really hope their mom allows them to come.
That is about that for now. I best get back to work and pumping water into my system. Have a great Friday everyone.


Megan said...

Your belly is perfect! I am waiting for the day I get on here and see that Skylar has arrived. You take it easy at work. If you feel like leaving early DO IT, I know I did!
Have a great weekend!

amanda said...

adorable belly :)

so glad to hear you got a good nights sleep! it truly makes all the difference!

Jodi said...

You look FABULOUS!!! She reallllly will be here soon.

~Billie~ said...

Aww! It's so great that they are excited about the new arrival. I bet they are going to be amazing older siblings... that baby is going to be LOVED! You look amazing!! Getting so close!

Southern Belle said...

OMG, you are still so tiny. You are ALL baby, lucky girl:)