Monday, February 2, 2009

Making Me Happy Monday

Here is round two! I like this because it makes me even more happy when I realize all that makes me happy in the first place! HA!

*I got my hair done on Friday and not only do I love the color, I am loving the new cut. Before it was just long and straight and all one length. Now I have tons of layers and some edging around my face. It's just pretty!

*I learned a few good recipes over the weekend that I can't wait to use when I actually have people over and am a hostess.

*My super good friend, Jill, ordered some lip stuff and was sure to order an extra one just for me - she is so thoughtful!

*Post-it's! Boy do those little suckers come in handy!

*That my best friend, Kara, will be here on Friday. Oh how I am excited to see her and spend some time with her.

*My shower is this weekend. I have lots to do to prepare and although it is stressful, it will all be worth it.

*Finishing up the paint in Skylar's room tonight. It is looking so wonderful. I can't wait to have everything done, put together and in order. While Eli has stressed me out putting it off, he has done a wonderful job.

*Pasta for dinner tonight. I almost started stressing thinking that we didn't have anything planned for dinner and then I remembered what I had planned this morning. This memory thing is kicking my ass lately!

*Water - I can't believe that I used to hate it. When I was little I would ask for something to drink and my mom would tell me I could have water and I would say I didn't want that. She would say, "Water or nothing." I always chose the nothing. Boy was I not so smart!

*To-do lists. Without the one I had today, I would have been lost!

*That this day flew by the way that it did! I have had this post open for hours, but have been so busy that I haven't been able to finish it!

Alright, my work day is coming to an end, so I will wrap this up here. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday and feels rested from the weekend.


Valley Girl said...

Isn't it amazing how a good haircut can completely lift your mood? That is why I am so adamant about finding the right hairstylist.

Rachel said...

Lets see a pic of the new hair!

Sweet Simplicity said...

You have to take pics at your shower! I love looking at baby stuff.

~Billie~ said...

I want to see pics from the shower and of baby's room!! Your new hair too!
My husband 'still' hates water... it drives me nuts and I don't understand it. I, on the other hand, love water.