Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a HUGE Weiner!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night we went to dinner with Eli's parents for a belated Valentine's. The kids and I were the first to arrive and while Seth snoozed, Swae and I got busy doing her homework. Just feet away from us was the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile. I thought to myself, "oh that is pretty cool." But that was it. Then I noticed people pulling into the parking lot just to get a picture of it and with it. I started thinking, I totally must be missing something. So I called Eli and was like, "Is there something special or important for seeing this thing??" He then reminded me that it is not something you see every day. My mind being so clouded from exhaustion didn't think of it like that. So I did what any person would do, any parent, and what others had been doing - I took the kids over to get a picture. Mind you, this was after looking at the damn thing for almost an hour!!!! And I happened to do it just in time because as soon as my picture snapping was done, they drove off. Check out the Weiner Mobile!

The kids were so cute! They were so excited to be standing next to it...probably more Seth than Swae if you can't tell. So fun!


Christy said...

The wiener mobile! How fun!

Jodi said...

LOL @ the Weiner Mobile!!! That is hysterical.

Lynsey said...

It would be hard not to take a picture in front of it!