Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Cute

My uncle and I were emailing back and forth this morning about the new ballpark that is being built here in town. He got to tour the stadium yesterday and was rather impressed. He had a much different feeling than others he was with since he knew that Eli was the one down there setting the steel. Somehow our email turned from the ballpark, to jobs and work in Reno right now, to the following:

(Debbie = my aunt, Lori = my mom, Laura = my cousin)

"My wife is at this fever pitch about the baby. I'm excited too....but it is different for women. I think the fact that Skylar is the first of all our kids makes it even more special. We're moving into a new phase in our lives. She and your mom talk every morning about the baby. It is so cute........this morning Debbie called telling Lori that you can't have the baby when we're gone to Denver for Laura's volleyball...March 19-22. So, the pressure is on you and Skylar, Steph!!!!

Also, Deb was telling me how she's looking forward to taking care of Skylar with your mom when you go on your honeymoon. It is really cute."

Isn't that cute? This is the same aunt who personally hand made all my shower invitations and jazzed up Skylar's letters for her room. There is no doubt in my mind how loved this little girl is and how welcome she already is into the family!


Jiff said...

I love how babies bring people together. :)

Megan said...

Babies really do bring families together. My family was close, but it's amazing how much closer we are now that precious Ollie is here. He's my nephew - not even my own child - but that boy = pure joy. He is the light of my family's lives, and we all share that in common. Babies are absolute your sweet Skylar will be to so, so many!

Hope your doctor's appt went great today. Can't wait to see pics tomorrow! xoxo

Megan said...

Babies are so wonderful. I agree with Megan babies are ABSOLUTE SUNSHINE even on a cloudy day! It is great that Skylar will grow up knowing she has plenty of family that love her.