Friday, May 30, 2008


Since I have started driving and gotten vehicles, I have HATED the DMV. It always takes forever, the lines are always long, and the people that work there are usually rude.

Today I had to register the new car; the "family Jeep" as the kids call it. I have been dreading this day and putting it off until the last possible second. I realized last night that the dealership didn't put the smog certificate in the car. Lucky for me, I am friends with them all and let them know I would be needing it. Well, turns out they were having a hard time getting it. I sat at the dealership forever waiting for it to be faxed over and finally after an hour we just drove to go get it. Then it was off to the stupid DMV.

I pulled in and the parking lot was packed. I grabbed my paperwork and walked in. The information line wasn't as long as I expected, so I was a little optimistic when I just in line. Next thing I knew I was at the front of the line and seconds later being handed a piece of paper with my number on it: G234. I looked up at the reader board and the last number to be called was G233. I had to do a double take. In less than a minute after that, my number was called and I was being helped. I couldn't freaking believe it.

10 minutes total at the DMV today. I was utterly amazed. I thought for sure I would be there between 45min-1hr. The lady said I just happened to get lucky that I was there at a time when it wasn't so busy. Had I waited til the afternoon, there would have been a much longer wait. So now the "family Jeep" is legal and I don't have to worry about registration for another year!

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So@24 said...

10 mins at the DMV???


Video evidence or it didn't happen!