Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rodeo Pics!!!! Finally (June 26)

As mentioned, we took the little ones to the rodeo last week on Thursday and had the greatest time. We were sure to get down there early so they could ride some rides. I really got a LOT of great pictures, but picked out the better ones so I didn't overwhelm all of you. Enjoy the little babies. It is clear to see they had a great time!!!

Ok, the little one is growing up. Swae used the last of her tickets to go down the slide and Seth was dead set on riding the "little" roller coaster...and he did it all on his own!!! I was a little worried he would be scared. Not so much. He loved it.

These horses are gorgeous.

All four of us had a wonderful time. Seth was way tuckered though and was out like a light almost before we got to the car. Swae was high off excitement and talked our ears off the whole way to their mom's. I love experiencing so many things with them. And we have some fun coming up this weekend!!!

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Lindz said...

Let me just say I love Swae's outfit. I might have to recreate it for myself when Josh and I go to a local rodeo soon.