Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Start of Seth's 4th Birthday Celebration

His birthday was Monday July 27, but he was with his mother this year. So, we celebrated his birthday on the 28 and then had a birthday party for him as well. I will have more pictures, but my camera is just not working. Anyhow, I picked him and Swae up first thing Tuesday morning and we headed off to a surprise for Seth. His surprise?? IHOP breakfast. Both kids were thrilled. But they didn't just have my company. They also had both Auntie Kara and Auntie Tara. After a great breakfast we came home and then went and spent some time at the pool in Tara's neighborhood. Later that night (I don't have pictures of this right now), Daddy and I took Sethie to dinner at his choice which was Outback. The day was wonderful and the boy felt like a price. It was wonderful and I know he felt so special.

The big birthday boy! It isn't a birthday without a present to open!
The IHOP clan singing him Happy Birthday...he wasn't so sure of this part.
But he was happy that he got a sundae in the morning!!!
Me and the sweet babies. Oh how I love these two.
My handsome birthday boy and me!
Fun in the sun on a nice hot day!
I can't believe the little man is 4! Where has the time gone???
When Eli and I first got together, Seth wasn't even 2 yet...Swae not even 5. I am so thankful that I messaged Eli the day that I did. So glad that I opened myself up and welcomed Eli and his two kids...our kids. I can't even imagine where my life would be right now without them, with out baby Skylar.
Sethie, I love you so very much. I am so proud at all that you have learned, for all the new things that you try, for being just like your daddy. I cherish our special moments, cherish the times we get to snuggle. I love how you will stop something you are doing randomly and come to give me a hug and a kiss. I love when your face lights up when I pick you up and how excited you get over all the little things. You are getting to be such a big boy and I love you. I will always be here for love and support you. I hope you had a wonderful birthday my handsome boy.


He & Me + 3 said...

Wow. That sure was a special day. I can tell that you love them like your own. You are a great Mom! Hope Seth has the best year ever! My little guy is 4 too. Big fun!

Stephanie said...

Those are adorable. You can tell how much he enjoyed his day!!! Happy Birthday Seth!

Just Jiff said...

LOVE the photos! Happy birthday Seth!

Lynsey said...

What a fun birthday day! He's a cutie!