Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Productive Tuesday

Today has been a good day. The kiddos and I set out on a shopping spree for Swae. We ventured to the new outlet malls that are in town. I had heard wonderful things about the prices...but to see them for myself... All I can say is TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!

Swae got a whole grip of clothes. She was so cute. After three stores I asked if she wanted to go hit Old Navy and she told me she didn't think that was good because she already got too much. Such a sweet little girl! She is going to look so cute. I had already gotten her four pairs of shoes and she came home with three more today.

Seth got a few new things too. I couldn't even imagine taking him along and not buying him anything new. He got some way cute shirts and a couple pairs of shoes.

And I couldn't help myself from going into Carter's for Skylar. I did refrain myself and only spent about $50. She needed some pajamas and I found a couple other cute outfits that I couldn't pass up.

I didn't buy one thing that wasn't on sale. AND!!!!!!!!!!!! I got all three kids matching pajamas. Swae an Skylar's are pink with glow in the dark bones and Seth's are black. I can already imagine the picture of the three of them!

After our shopping spree we all four crashed. It was much needed. But we slept too late for me to make it to the store to make the dinner we all wanted. So we are settling for pizza and a movie. Family night is fabulous!


amanda said...

can't wait to see the pic of the kids in the matching pjs!! so cute!

Missy Marshmallow said...

I love our outlets here, especially Carters and Gymboree. I always score. Your kiddies are gonna look so cute!

Stephanie said...

I HEART carters!!!!!!!!!!! although I don't think I've ever been in there and spent only $50 so you did great!

Just Jiff said...

WOW! I need to send you some money to go for me! We don't have outlets here. :(