Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Week of Summer

And then my baby girl starts 2nd grade. And it will be just Sethie, Skylar and I during the days on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm a bit sad about it. But Swae is excited for school to start and Sethie and I have decided that we are going to be doing our school while sissy is in school. I have already taught him to write his name. I have pictures of it. He did his whole name for the first time the day after his 4th birthday. We don't work on it every day. Yet today, I mentioned it to him and he went in his room and he did it...all by himself. I am beyond proud.

Today and tomorrow are the last "days" I get having Swae with us since school starts the 31st. So, we were sure to go see Eli on a job and bring him lunch. We showed up at a great time because he was on a break and was able to come and sit with us for a bit. And then we were able to watch him run the crane, which the kids LOVE! And then we made our way to the park where the kids run around like wild animals and had a blast. I made Swae her favorite dinner: spaghetti and asparagus. And my cousin Maddy is staying the night for the last time this summer since she starts 2nd grade as well Monday. Swae and her are the best of friends. It is so cute! Tomorrow we are going to be spending most of the day at Wild Waters. While I don't know how ready I am for a full day at the water park, I will do it since our passes are about up and it is the last chance for us to spend the whole day before school starts.

This weekend...camping. We are outdoor junkies and can't wait. I will be sure to be packed up when picking them up Friday from their mother. It will be a weekend of fun and memories to boot.

I don't think I am ready for summer to be ending and school to be starting. I will miss my sweet little Swae with me all the time. But I will be loving dropping her off and picking her up. I love more than anything seeing her running toward me at the end of the day! The smile and the hug are something I could never get sick of.

I will be enjoying this last week. I want to pack in as much as possible!!!!!

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Just Jiff said...

Ahh. The last few days of summer. We had Z too...and we had a lot of fun.

I need to get summer passes for the water park here next summer. Of course, I work during the day so it's not as much fun going just on the weekends.