Thursday, August 20, 2009


We were having a bit of trouble with Skylar's sleep habits. Once she got sick with her reflux, all the wonderful sleep I was getting went right out the window. I am more tired now than I was when she was first home.

But I did what any normal blogging mommy would do and I asked some other blog mommies for help and advice. And I got some great advise. The doctor and nurses helped out as well. I have been working and working with this whole sleep thing. --side note-- Did I tell you she is sleeping in her own room in her crib now? Well, she is! -- It hasn't been easy and I have been exhausted a lot, but it is now paying off.

Want to know how I know??

Last night, Skylar went to bed = no crying

Today at nap = no crying

Tonight for bed = no crying

And last night, she fussed once before waking up to feed after about six hours. She then went right back to sleep and only fussed once before going back to sleep without me even going in her room. I was impressed. And I got some decent sleep.

I can only hope and pray that from here on out the sleeping will get better and more consistent. It will not only be good, but for her as well. So, I will be going to bed very soon to ensure to get me as much sleep as possible!


Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

wooo hoooo

julia said...

I am so glad bloggy friends helped-they always help me when I put a question out there and the doctors too. It is hard and the sleep may change whn teeth etc but you are doing an amazing job. You are a great momma.

He & Me + 3 said...

So glad she is doing better.

Megan said...

That is great! She will be giving you tons of sleep in no time. I think Braelyn immediately slept better when she was in her own crib.

Just Jiff said...

Sleep is definitely the hardest thing ever. Bayley is a great sleeper, except when sick or teething. And right now she's teething -- cutting molars, so she's been waking up more often.

Good luck with little Skylar. Bedtime routines are awesome too.

Alicia W. said...

HIGH FIVE! That is great news.

Stephanie said...

I've found that everytime they do good and we say something about it they stop doing it again :) you know kinda like too good to be true.

Allie's been sleeping great the last few days on our new schedule and then I blogged about it last night before I went to bed and what happened at 3 this morning...that's right she was up!

Geez...I"ll never learn!