Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Friday Night...

Last Friday was a big night for more ways that one.

First of all, it was the first time that Skylar has ever been away from her mommy. Let me just tell you what a wreck I was. I couldn't bare the thought of dropping her off to my parents and having to leave, so my sister came and picked her up from our house. That wasn't much easier at all. Kindra kept wanting to leave and I kept not being able to hand over my child. I just couldn't do it. Every time I started to put her in her car seat I would tear up. Finally, finally I did and it broke my heart. Skylar was just smiling at me and holding my hand and being my precious girl. When I buckled her in the car she kept talking to me and I got more choked up. After thousands of kisses and telling her "I love you," I shut the door.

...and I walked in the house and bawled my eyes out.

I did however manage to finish getting ready. We met up with our friends for dinner. There was a group of 9 of us and we had a blast. Two margaritas into the night and I was feeling fabulous. From dinner we went to another bar where the guys felt extremely uncomfortable. Us girls? We didn't mind the company and were enjoying every minute. Then we went to a couple bars in Sparks. At one of them, Trader Dicks, I happened to spill not one, but TWO drinks. The first one landed right in my lap. Yes, that is right. I looked like I peed my pants. Three drinks in and that is what happened. Awesome huh? I have never had that happen before. Oh well. I didn't let it hold me down. My friend, Heather, and I made friends with a guy at the bar that was from California and he ended up buying us a couple shots, a couple drinks, and even bought our husbands a drink. Can't complain about free drinks at all!

This is where my mind starts to get a little foggy. I remember getting to the next bar and hanging out with everyone. I was even taking care of one of my girl friends that was really tipsy. And then, I surpassed a lot. It was like everything hit me all at once. It was crazy. And at that point, it was time to go home. Being responsible adults, Eli and I didn't have a vehicle. We are very fortunate that my sister is awesome and was on call. And she was even more awesome because she had my little precious Skylar in the car which made all well in the world...even if I wasn't feeling so hot.

And I wasn't. Not at all. In fact, I got sick. It was so needed. Very needed. I consumed way too much alcohol for someone who has only had a couple drinks at a time since Skylar was born. I was also sick the ENTIRE day on Saturday. Not just part of it, not just until mid-afternoon. Like until 8pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awful. It was no fun. I hate hangovers with a passion. Having a hangover with a little baby - HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the pain of it sucked, the night itself was wonderful. It was nice to have a night off, but it definitely won't be happening again any time soon. From what my mom said, my baby girl was good. BUT! She wouldn't take her bottle. She screamed and screamed and my mom said she wanted me. That right there breaks my heart. My baby girl has NEVER had to go to sleep without me before that night. I couldn't wait to get back with her, to wrap her in my arms, to love on her. And I cried. I cried for leaving her. I hope she didn't think I neglected her. I knew she was in good care and I know that she was surrounded by family and lots of love.

No more nights like that. Just nights out with a couple rock star action!


Stephanie said...

I'll be the first to tell you how I feel about drinking and you know me so I won't lie. I don't do it...can't stand it....don't like the sight of it. Of course after everything I've been through that explains it all.

I just think that anything that causes you to lose your mind temporarily and not remember anything that happened can't be good for you. I do however think it is good you got a break for alittle while and I'm glad Skylar is okay!!!!!

Just Jiff said...

The break was good. Hangover not so much. But glad you had a designated driver. :)

The most I drink is one drink. And never out and about. Always at home and after Bayley is in bed. I never want to drink so much that I can't take Bayley to an ER if she needed it. I'm neurotic like that though.

You SO deserved a night out and I'm glad you had a good time (before the sickness. lol).

Jeninacide said...

Parents need time OFF once in a while. It always makes you appreciate your kids so much more, I think.

I ditched Cole with my parents OVERNIGHT a total of 3 times while I was visiting. I didn't feel bad at ALL... well, maybe a LITTLE. ; )