Thursday, August 20, 2009


I truly LOVE to blog. I love reading other peoples blogs. I love commenting. I love exploring and sharing and learning.

As I sit here this morning trying to go through my reader, I am blown away at how much time can be spent blogging. I have been sitting here for a hour and still have 39 more posts to read. I miss working for that one reason. When I was at work, I was so good and able to keep up. At home with so many other things to do, I feel guilty being on the computer for this long. I am now sitting here thinking, "wow, I just wasted an hour that I could have been cleaning something." But! I don't want to really be cleaning. I want to be blogging. HOWEVER! This does not help me be productive around the house. It is a win/lose situation for sure.

At work, the first thing I did was read a couple posts. Then I would do a few things and get back to the reader. I also had all my pictures uploaded and was able to post them. All day I knew when someone posted and it was super easy to keep up. This just doesn't happen at home. I try to get on for a bit in the morning and then at night...but I don't ever get enough time to spend like I want.

How do you all do it!??! Is there a secret that I just don't know? Maybe I just need to get up extra early to have more time. HAHA, get up earlier than I have to. But seriously, maybe I should try it!


Issas Crazy World said...

It can easily take over your entire day. I love it, but I'm horrible about commenting, for that exact reason.

I've cut down on people in my reader and some days, i just hit, mark all as read. Also, I have people who I definitely read every post as soon as I see them and some others whose I leave until I have more time, which can be once a week.

Just Jiff said...

Um, I still work outside the home so that's how *I* do it. But when I'm at home, I NEVER blog. I mean, its a big thing for me to be able to check FaceBook at night.

I dont do anything online while the kiddos are awake. But it's nice to have an hour to myself to do whatever.

Stephanie said...

I get up extra early when the kids are in bed and try to get what was posted over night and in the morning then do it at naptime if I have time and at night after the kids have gone to bed. That's pretty much my alone time and this is usually where I spend it.

hard to keep up with though and it can be stressful at times. I have tried to not stress about it but I feel bad when I am behind.

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I am so behind!

I got up extra early just so I could make some blog headway...and I just had a conference call where I got some more reading done.

It is tough. I've had to clean out my reader and get rid of blogs I thought were just "ok" because I couldn't get through them all.

Alicia W. said...

I get in a funk sometimes though and wont read, post or anything.. But then like today. I miss you guys and dive in head first into my google reader. I just can't stay away. Glad I found your blog because your one of my fav's. :)

P.S I read and comment a lot while at work.. It helps the day pass.. Shhhh... don't tell my boss.