Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wild Water Adventures

I have three little fishes on my hands for sure. Skylar will at least come out of the water for longer than 30 seconds at a time. Swae and Seth? Not so much. They come out, say something, kiss me and then are gone again. I have a hard time getting them to sit long enough to eat their lunch. Going back out to play is motivation to get it all down though!! They are all so good and truly enjoy every time we go. They don't get burnt out (which is about where I am...thank goodness school starts soon!).

Oh how I love watching them enjoy themselves. The constant smiles on their faces, their laughter. It is good for the soul. We are so blessed that we have been able to go pretty much every week this summer. I am so thankful that Skylar is comfortable with the water and is able to enjoy. It cracks me up how much she tries to keep with up with her big brother and sister. I can just imagine how full my hands will be with her being 2 and the baby being 6 months! New adventures for sure!!!

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