Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby #2 - Belly Pic 21w3d

Skylar was being quite the ham when I was trying to get a good picture. There is one other where we ae both laughing, but it is super blurry...bummer!

This week has been great. The little one is definitely getting stronger for sure. The kicks and movements are bigger and stronger and I am loving it!! Last night I sat on the couch and just watched my belly responding to the kicks. Truly amazing.

Not having any specific cravings and no food aversions at all. I am still noticing a lot of pressure down low, but that is nothing new and not surprising since baby is low. I am feeling some movements farther up...I'm thinking this is because baby is getting bigger?? I am not able to eat big portions of food at all. I get full super fast. This didn't happen with Skylar until much later. It is definitely different!

I am still beyond anxious to know whether this little one is a boy or a girl, but it isn't killing me as bad as it was. I am comfortable knowing baby is healthy and enjoying feeling all the kicks, punches, and rolling!


He & Me + 3 said...

Look at how cute. I love that her little hands are reaching for you. So sweet.

Stephanie said...

I love how she's in the pic - that's adorable!!!!

Glad you are doing well - I think this ones a boy - they are always difficult :)