Saturday, August 7, 2010

10 Years

This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion. Yes, I graduated in 2000...and yes, that is ten years ago. Holy oh my. It is crazy hard to believe that ten years have passed since that time in my life. And because I haven't wanted to really face it, I have ignored pretty much all the emails that went out about it because I wasn't ready to completely accept it has been that long...that I am that old.

I never committed to going either. I didn't decide until yesterday afternoon that I wanted to go to the deal last night. There was a get together at our local ball park. It was $10 for appetizers and the keg. I didn't get to enjoy the keg, but I did munch on some yummy nachos. And while my classmates reached their buzz and some their drunken point, I got to pay $3 for a soda. Last night was enjoyable. I got to spend time with Jen who I haven't seen since last summer and is always a treat. I got to see other people that I enjoyed seeing, but to me, it wasn't anything phenomenal. I don't miss high school. I love my life now. I love my friends. I have stayed close with people from school and didn't need a reunion to reconnect.

Today was family day at the park. I didn't go. Eli had to work. And my babies are with their mom this weekend. Yes, it would have been incredible to show off my sweet Skylar, but I just didn't want to go. And I couldn't bring myself to go to the deal that was going on tonight. There was to be a dessert bar, a raffle, a scavenger hunt, a cash bar, band, and not sure what else. I know that there were people going tonight that didn't go last night, but last night was enough for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate anyone from my class, I just didn't want to go.

Is that weird????


Stephanie said...

Well - I don't know if we have talked about this before but we must be incredibly close in age because this is my 10 year reunion too.

So weird - seriously you guys need to move closer!!!!

I graduated from a very small high school - in fact my graduating class only had 19 people in it and we haven't had a reunion. there hasn't even been talk of one so I have no idea what's going on. I don't know if I would have gone or not but I totally understand how you feel.

There are a few people I talk to and I see them all on facebook (by the way - are you on fb?) but I don't miss high school one bit!

Lindz said...

I'm not going to mine this summer either. I am pretty much of the same mindset that you are and frankly, I don't feel the need to go, especially because it is a one night event and at a pub. Classy?! Not. I chose to go on my family's annual vacation to our cabin in the desert and get some sun.