Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Proud Mama

Yesterday was a day that I just seemed to keep bursting with pride for my sweet little Skylar.

It started out at swim class. Normally, she cries after she gets scooped under the water. However, yesterday that wasn't the case. I scooped her the first time and up she came with no tears...just wiping the water out of her eyes. I was gushing. I was kissing her and telling her good job and showering her with love. I scooped her a few more times and it was the same. It seems we turned a corner for sure! The only time she fussed was when the teacher came to grab her and scoop her to me. But she didn't scoop after the water. Its astounding how a few lessons have changed this little girl.

THEN!!!!! We were getting ready to take a shower and just randomly, I threw her up on the potty. I told her to go potty and she sat there for a short bit and sure enough, she peed...in the potty for the first time. I freaked out with happiness, telling her how awesome she is and she just sat there looking at me like I was nuts. Go figure. Then last night before we went to bed, I put her on again just to see how she would do and again, she went. I am taking it that it might be time to really take the time to potty train this little love!!!

8-9-10 was definitely a big day in Skylar's little life!!! :)

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Lynsey said...

Isn't it funny the things we find to be so great as parents that we never would have imagined years ago? I do the same thing! What a big girl!