Sunday, August 8, 2010

17 months - Aug 6

Little Princess Skylar, where is the time going??? 17 months already? That means you are a month away from being a year and a half. That is just crazy to me. You little miss are becoming more and more independent, but yet you are still the biggest little love in the world. You love trying new things and you love adventure. One of your most favorite things is being outside and you will go where ever there is water. The hose is your best friend and within a minute you are soaked, but loving it.

The last few months have been huge for you and your development. You are talking up a storm saying: mama, dada, sissy, love you, thank you, binky, hello, hi, milk, bye, night night, bed, and I am sure more that I am just not remembering at this point in time. Oh yes, you try to say motor boat because that is what your kick board is called at swim lessons. When you say it, I totally know what you are saying, but I am not sure that others would. You climb on everything and have zero fear at all. You are a tough little cookie. You usually don't cry if you fall and if you do, I know that you are really hurt. You are able to point out body parts - right now your most favorite to show are your eyes and the face you make is absolutely hilarious when you show me where they are. I am thinking it is about time to start potty training because you now try to pull off your diaper when it is time to change you. So that is something that I will be starting with you soon.

This summer you have been in swim lessons. June was your first session and while you were timid at first, you did pretty well. You didn't at all like when it was time to scoop you under water. You would come up screaming. And you don't like at all when your teacher grabs you to scoop you to me. You start crying before she even takes you from me. It might be mean, but I did laugh. Session two was so much better for you. You were comfortable and used to all that goes on. You even started singing along with the songs...even your teachers noticed. Scoops still weren't your favorite thing, but you didn't scream as bad as the first session. This third session is going extremely well. You absolutely love the water. You love playing humpty dumpty and sitting on the side of the pool and dropping in the water. And who would have known that scoops are even getting better. You barely cry at all. This makes me so happy. I am so glad that we put you in lessons and will be doing it again next year as long as I figure out someone to come with so that your little bro/sis can do it too. Swim has helped you be more comfortable at Wild Waters as well. You toodle around like you own the place. And you love going down the slides with your big sissy. You are after all a big girl in your mind.

In the middle of July you went with Mima and Grandpa to California for a night with Swae and Seth. Let me just tell you that mommy wasn't at all happy to see you three drive away. I hate when you all are away from me. But you three had a great night and did very well. Daddy and I met all of you at Six Flags the next day. I wasn't sure that there would be much that you would be able to go on, but I was surprised to find that as long as you could walk, you could go on everything over in the toon area. You rode your first roller coaster and LOVED it. You couldn't even see over the little car we were sitting in, but you enjoyed...even with your head knocking around. You are just like your brother and sissy and love the rush.

Another new thing was jet ski riding with your daddy. At first you were a little timid, but the more speed the better in your mind. I loved when you guys would come fairly close to the beach where I could see you and you were sure to do your little princess wave and smile so I knew that you were in fact enjoying yourself. You were not scared at all. Daddy even stopped in the middle of the lake and was sure to dunk you in the lake off the back of the ski. Even that you enjoyed. You did so great while we were camping. You loved playing in the sand and stealing every ones food. Oh how you love to eat...all the time!!

You my dear are also now sleeping in a big girl bed. Why you want to know? This would be because you decided that you didn't like being in your crib anymore. One day I put you in and you decided you were going to take it upon yourself to get out. Doing this meant you fell to the floor. I heard the thud and my heart sank. Thank goodness you were alright but my heart was crushed. I tried putting you in it a couple other times and hung outside your door and caught you twice up at the top ready to topple over. It was then that I decided I just couldn't take that chance anymore. You love your bed and you stay in it all night. What you don't like it when I first lay you down in your bed. You definitely have a melt down. You will run to your door where the gate stops you, but then you go back to your bed and crawl in and cover up. And then you sleep there for the whole night. I couldn't be more proud. The first night we put you in your big girl bed though was funny. At one point during the night I went to check on you and I found you sleeping on the floor next to the gate at your door. I moved you to your bed and come 7am, you were on the floor next to your bed. But you never cried.

Skylar you are the best daughter in the entire world. You are so fun, so full of life. You are most always happy and have the most gorgeous smile. Your happiness is extremely infectious. I love your love for life. You love being outside and seeing the world. You are such a little love. I love that you still are such a little snuggler and that you will take time out of your playing to come give me a kiss. I love when you blow kisses when you are leaving. I love when you have something to say and you try with all your might to formulate words and a sentence but all that comes out is babble. Soon little love, soon. I feel you are trying to grow up so fast and I miss you being my little baby girl. Little do you know, you will always and forever be my little baby matter how big you get. Skylar, I love you with all of my heart. You are complete perfection and I absolutely adore you.

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Stephanie said...

She's SO cute!!!!

Allie wasn't trying to climb out of her crib but I was tired of rocking her to sleep so I went ahead and switched her over. Now I can sit with her and just rub her back for a few minutes and she goes right to sleep. Caleb would climb out of his bed though all the time - we called him Monkey :)