Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today was a fun little family day. Eli had to work early this morning and while he was out, the babes and I went to visit my little sister who was moving into the sorority house. Boy did that bring back a lot of memories for me!! She was so excited and cute trying to get everything unpacked and organized. And the kids thought they were super cool being in her big house and were all sorts of excited over her having bunk beds in her room. This afternoon they ran with their daddy to go look at some custom rebuilt truck...this was also amazing to them.

After a little bit of down time we headed to a nice dinner at Olive Garden and then thought it would be fun to go to the park where the babes could run out some energy. The park is such a great outlet. We got there around 7:30pm and it was packed! There were families everywhere. Kids made new friends and got to play some fun games. Skylar ran around like a crazy monkey and tried like crazy to keep up. I actually got the three of them to stop running for all of 10 seconds and was able to snap the picture below. Yes, I know, Skylar's face is a bit creepy. This is her new posed smile for pictures. It's awesome.

After leaving the park, we came home for jammies, to brush teeth and snuggle. And now, I have three babies all snuggled up and sleeping soundly in bed. Can't beat that at all. This momma will be following them shortly!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday!

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