Friday, August 13, 2010

22w1d Baby #2 Belly Pics

This little bean is definitely growing and I am loving every single minute of it. Ok, I will be honest and say I love that baby is growing, but not that my hips and thighs are as well! Comes with the territory and as long as this baby is cooking well and healthy, I will take whatever is thrown my way. I am starting to feel movements and kicks higher than down in my pelvis, so this gives me hope that when we go in on the 23rd, we just might get lucky enough to see what parts this little one has.
Don't get me wrong, baby is still extremely low. There are so many times that this little one moves and I feel as though I am going to pee my pants. Yep, my bladder is a punching/kicking bag for sure. I am seeing more and more from the outside of my belly and Eli is getting to enjoy feeling baby move. The other day Skylar was laying her head on my belly and sure enough got punched or something. Skylar had no idea what happened and didn't move. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come when baby arrives...
I am one happy momma though. I am feeling great. I love food, but can't eat very much at one time. I get hungry so often!! And can eat anything and everything I want. I find myself rubbing my belly all the time. I can't help me. It makes me feel closer to baby...more at ease.
I am telling Skylar that there is a baby in my belly all the time. I am not sure that she really gets it, but she knows what a baby is. And she is actually really good with other babies and gentle. That gives me a glimmer of hope! I worry that Skylar is going to really have a hard time. She is such a mommy's girl. She loves snuggle time and just being close. I can't imagine things being any different. I am sure when baby comes I will be saying I couldn't imagine how life was without baby. Funny how that works.

I love, love, love being pregnant. I love growing a little life. I love knowing this baby was made out of love and admiration. I am being sure to cherish every single moment knowing that this is the last time I get to experience all of this. I want every minute to be special and memorable. I want this baby to know how loved he/she is. I am so blessed to be a mommy, to have this life growing inside me.

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He & Me + 3 said...

So cute. when are you really going to start showing? You are so tiny...perfect bump.