Thursday, March 12, 2009

So In Love - Part II

The nurses let me keep Skylar with me...longer than they probably should have. They came in and had me go to the bathroom and then put me in the wheelchair to take me upstairs. Let me tell you, since I was so numb from the epidural, getting up out of bed was a challenge. And right as I was getting up to go in the bathroom, Kara and Tara walking in straight off the plane from Vegas. Perfect timing. It made the whole experience complete and even more perfect.

I got to hold my little girl and take her up to the nursery. They let me sit in there while they weighed her and measured her. And I asked them to let me know when they were going to bath her so that Eli and I could be there. Then it was off to one of the new rooms. It was so nice. The bed was super comfy. The gown was extra soft and easy for nursing. People were in and out and Eli and I were just getting comfortable and getting set up. It wasn't long before we got the call that they were getting ready to do her bath, so we headed back down to the nursery. I was walking so stupid...still trying to get full feeling back into my right leg. Eli was afraid to let go of me and let me walk by myself. It was cute.

Skylar hated her first bath. She was pissed. Her little cry made me smile, but also brought tears to my eyes. I kept talking to her and held her hand for most of it. Once they had her all bundled up she was fine. And she loved when they scrubbed her little head. I got some great pictures. Then it was back under the heat lamp for her to get her temperature back up. Leaving her in the nursery was extremely hard for me. I grabbed a few more pictures and gave her a kiss. The most heart melting thing was when Eli bent down and was talking to her and kissing on her...after a few minutes I told him I would meet him at the room because I needed to go to the bathroom! He just wanted to chill with our baby, but after a few more kisses and more sweet talking he left as well.

The next couple hours with her spent in the nursery were really long. I kept staring at the clock wondering when she would be back with me. I had my friends there, some family were in and out. I ate some lunch...although I haven't at all been hungry since I have had her. When they finally brought her back too me, I was again overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn't wait to have her back in my arms and to look at her. And kiss on her. Ugh, everything about her is perfect.

We were fortunate enough to get the kiddos for a couple hours in the afternoon. I had been waiting and waiting all day for them to get there. I wanted to see them, see their faces when they saw their sister, see how they were with her. To kiss them and give them loves. I couldn't wait for them to walk through the door with their dad. Skylar and I were sitting in bed when I got the message that they were just about to walk in. The cameras were ready and the looks on their little faces were absolutely priceless. The smiles they had were unbelievable. They both came right over to the bed to see Skylar and then took off their jackets. Since there were other people in the room, they were a little stand-offish. Swae jumped up on the bed with us and that was pretty much where she stayed the whole time. She couldn't wait to hold her little sister and let me just tell you how sweet that was. The pictures say it all, they really do. (you just have to wait for them!) Seth finally came up on the bed with us one it was just our little family and he was too cute. They both were talking to Skylar and checking her out. Our family of five is absolutely perfect. When it was time for them to leave, it crushed me. I wasn't ready for it, neither was Eli. And from what he said, the kids weren't happy about it. But we were just thankful that they were able to come and meet their sister and spend a little bit of time. We all needed that. They needed to feel included. And the pictures really do say it all with how perfect of an experience it was.

I didn't get any sleep. Between visitors and my little girl I was occupied. Our last visitor left about 9:45 and I think I slept a little between 10:30-midnight. Then I was up til about 3:30. After that, the nurses were in every hour it seemed like. When the doctor came in I was sure to let them know that I wanted to go home that day and as soon as I could get out of there. I was ready to be home with my little girl. Before we left, she was taken to the nursery to be checked out by her doctor and have a couple tests done. And just a half hour before walking out the door they did her little picture which turned out so cute.

I walked out of the hospital rather than be taken out in a wheelchair. And I had to ride in the back seat where I could see her at all times on the way home. Once home, I jumped right in the shower and then scooped her back up in my arms - which is just where I like her! I love when people come over, but I tell you I start aching to have her back in my arms!!

Being home has been awesome. We are starting to get in a little routing, a little groove. I was able to get up and showered and have all of us out of the house and Swae to school a little early and at a doctor appointment by 9 on Wednesday. Thursday we were all out of the house and everyone dropped off on time again. Then me and the little button (what I find myself calling Skylar since she has the perfect little button nose!) went and got gas and went to Target and then came home where I ended up getting a lot done around the house, took a nap, and then had some people over.

Life is amazing. I absolutely love being a mom. I could stare at Skylar for hours. I never want to put her down! I love the way she stares up at me. And I am enjoying the breastfeeding experience...other than the nipple pain! I am over the top happy. I never imagined that this would be this great. I didn't realize that there was something missing in my life until now. Now I finally feel complete and whole. I love my little family.

Eli has been a fabulous husband and daddy. He is constantly doting on me. Last night I told him I was getting ready to go to bed and by the time I got upstairs, my side of the bed was turned down and he had me a full glass of water, a night light on, and a snack for the middle of the night. He is so thoughtful and having our daughter has only made me fall in love with him that much more.

I promise you all I will get my camera hooked up and pictures posted very soon. I want to share my sweet little angel with everyone!


He And Me + 3 said...

That was so sweet. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful pictures. Glad you are all home...Your family of 5.

Stephanie said...

Love Love Love what you're experiencing right now. It's hard to describe it to someone until they have gone through it.

Awesome the kids got to see Skylar..I know you'll have an absolutely wonderful weekend with them there and of course will have tons of pics! :)

angie said...

So glad that you are able to post again! I have been waiting for part 2 :) I'm sure the kiddos loved coming to see Skylar and I can't wait to see the pictures of all of you together!