Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 Weeks

While I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little girl, I also realize that her actual due date is not for another 2 weeks. 2 in 14 more days. Ugh. That seems so long from now. I know the time will fly, it has with this whole experience. But I am now just so ready to meet her. I wish I didn't know that I was dilated. I wish I didn't know that it could be anytime. But then again, it's good to know because I feel very prepared.

I keep getting asked if I am nervous and the honest answer is no. Not at all. I imagine I might be when I am actually in labor. But right now, I am calm. I am ready. I am excited. And I can't wait.

My in-laws will be back later this afternoon. My MIL text me telling me to thank Skylar for staying put while they were all gone. I know they would have been happy and excited either way, but I am glad that they will be in town when it actually happens. My best friend, Tara, just left this morning for Vegas for the next couple of days. She is hoping that Skylar stays put until she gets back late Friday morning. For her sake, I hope she does too. I was talking to Kara this morning and realized that she should probably be the first phone call I make because she will have to hurry and book a flight to get here. So it will be her and then my parents and then on from there.

So basically what I am trying to say is that I am so excited for her to come, but realize she could still have another couple weeks of baking to do and I need to be patient and enjoy these last moments of her being all comfy cozy inside me and being able to feel her.


Lori said...

it's hard when you get to the end and you realize OMG my little one is coming and soon, but never soon enough!

Megan said...

First babies are often born after their due date, actually. You're doing great - you're ready when she is. So exciting!