Monday, March 2, 2009

Making Me Happy Monday

Another Monday is upon us and another chance to reflect on the things that make me happy!

* the rain - while it is wet, we really need it. It has been so miserably dry. We have really needed the moisture bad. It is refreshing to see how much it has rained. It isn't enough just yet, but it is a start. I love summer time and water activities, so the rain give me hope to a good, fun summer!

* being completely ready for Skylar - her room is done, her binkies are sterilized, her bag is packed, my bag is packed, her seat is all strapped in the car. We are set and ready to go. However, this little girl is comfy cozy in my belly! I guess I can't blame her. She has just enough room for her and no one to bug her (but me!).

* my cousin's birthday tomorrow, my mom's on Sunday and my aunt's next Thursday - and to think Skylar could be born anywhere in there!!!! I love birthdays.

* my baby brother's birthday is Friday - he would be 19. While it is sad to think about, I am thankful for the love that I have for him, the way that he changed our lives, my family even though he wasn't around but in the womb and a few short hours. He is a little miracle.

* good friends - those that call, text, stop by and are just genuinely excited and part of me and my family's life. Some I talk to more than others, others I only see every now and again (say for lunch), but all of them I hold dear to my heart.

* playing tooth fairy! How fun is that?? She got a slew of different things. Dollar, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies. She got a little bit of everything and as you see from the post earlier, her sweet little face definitely deserved it.

* snuggles. Man-o-man did I get tons of snuggles from both kiddos all weekend. It was fabulous. I would be in the other room doing something and Seth would come up to me and just reach up and want to be held and loved on. Nothing was wrong, he is just my little snuggle bug and he knows it. And Swae, she always has to hug me and kiss me whenever she is passing by. It is the most special, wonderful thing ever.

* my husband. Even being 9 months pregnant he still tells me how beautiful I am, tells me how great my ass looks in the pants I am wearing and overall just makes me feel so good about myself. He tells me regularly how proud he is to have me for a wife and that folks really does something for me.

And with that, I will end it there. I could go on and on with all the things that make me happy. But I have to save some for the following weeks!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!


Hope said...

Even if it is only for lunch I'm so thankful and it makes me happy too!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to your baby brother! I'm so glad that we met and I'm thankful to have you to talk to :)