Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Definitely Want It

Jane from In the Waiting Line is having a wonderful giveaway in honor of her 100th post. It is the cutest wine carrier ever!!! And being a little wino, you can imagine I would be absolutely thrilled to be the lucky winner of this giveaway. Look how cute it is!!!

If you would like a shot at being the proud owner of this (and me secretly hating you if it is you and not me!!!), go HERE to enter!


Jodi said...

That really is adorable!

Robyn said...

So cute! I love giveaways and I love it even better if I win. Which I usually don't. But I did for the UBP09 (Ultimate Blog Party 09). Which is basically blogs that put their links into the "mr. linky" gadget on 5 Minutes For Mom site. Then you click the links of the people participating and visit their blogs and say hello! Just a way to get out and see other blogs and meet other people. You can see it here and scroll to the bottom to see all the blogs partipating. ou could probably still add your blog and visit others.

Stephanie said...

Oh you won't have to hate me. No wine in my house :)