Monday, November 1, 2010

Reno Weather....??

This morning I woke up and it is a beautiful November day. The sun is shining, it isn't cold, the fall colors are absolutely gorgeous.

So...I looked at the weather report for the next week. Today and most of this week is supposed to be 70 degrees. Come next Monday and next week???? 50's!!! Are you serious?! That is when people get sick. Oh well, I am going to enjoy the beautiful weather this week and take next week when it gets here!


Lynsey said...

That's Reno for you. Or my favorite, when it's freezing on the way to work in the mornings so I bundle up then by like 1 it's hot as can be.

Lindz said...

We are getting lucky here too. It's 68, that's never heard of in November in Oregon.