Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Friday

The parents left bright and early this morning. As I type this, they are on a plane to Puerto Rico. From what my mom said, they are excited but a little sad at the same time. Mom is pretty sure that they will miss the birth. It will definitely be a different experience if that is the case. I guess we shall see. I don't go to the doctor again until Wednesday.

Until then, I have lots to keep me busy. Between kiddos and a hubby, we are now dog sitting what used to be my puppy (until my mom wouldn't give him back!!!!), doing Scentsy parties, and delivering everyone's goods. It has been awesome. Once things are delivered, I have been getting people emailing me and asking for more. It's been great. This month has really been a good one. And I just got hooked up with a HUGE multi-vendor party for December that should really be amazing. I am so excited. We can definitely use the extra money with Christmas just around the corner...not that I have much more to get. Just have the babes and Eli to buy for! But I already know what we are getting, so that makes it all very easy!

We have the babes this excited. We have a fun birthday party to go to tomorrow and who knows what other craziness. Looking forward to that, but not so much the snow. Yes, that's right. I said snow. So not ready for that. But I think I would rather have snow than the damn wind that has been blowing for the past few days. Staying warm is what's in store!

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*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Sounds like things are going well for you! Wow! I can't believe you guys are going to get snow already! It's getting colder here in PA but last week it was in the mid 60's, this week the 50's. I will definitely try to order some Scentsy from you some time. :)