Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby #2 - 27-34 weeks!

34 weeks 1 day
33 weeks 1 day
32 weeks 1 day
31 weeks 1 day
30 weeks 1 day
29 weeks 1 day
28 weeks 1 day
27 weeks 1 day
Boy, time has really gotten away from me! I can't believe that the last time I posted was when I was 26 weeks!! It's been 8 weeks! WOWZA!!!!! You know what this means??? Little Miss Sierra is less than 6 weeks away from joining our family...less than 6 weeks until I am able to hold my sweet little precious in my arms! I cannot wait.
We have the room ready. Skylar and Sierra will be sharing a room and it is so cute!! I have to take pictures and post them. All Sierra's little clothes are washed and put away. The car seat is ready to be put in the car, her coming home outfit picked out and packed. Now I just need to get my bag packed and be sure I have clothes packed for Swae, Seth, and Skylar...just in case.
I have been feeling really good. I can't get over how much the belly has popped out though.'s just out there! And man it gets a lot of attention - from everyone. It's funny that I forgot how quick people were to point out how big you are getting from when I was pregnant with Skylar. I don't care how big the belly is as long as my little one is healthy!
About a month ago, I had to go to the hospital for being dizzy. It was confirmed that Sierra is wonderful and healthy. What they couldn't figure out was why I was so dizzy. They thought I might have been dehydrated, but I wasn't. They did a blood test and I wasn't anemic. I just had low blood pressure and there was no excuse for it. I was placed on light bed rest and told to take it as easy as I could. I did that for the weekend and the dizziness went away. Since then I have resumed business as usual and just have listened to my body to tell me when it is time to relax and that has been working pretty well.
Just Monday, I went into the doctor because sweet Sierra decided she didn't want to wake up and move for anything. This had me a little bit concerned. She wouldn't wake up after I ate or if I pushed on her. They hooked me up to the monitor and while she didn't look bad, they weren't super stoked with what they saw even after trying to stimulate her...not comfortable enough to send me home. So rather than admit me to the hospital, they did an ultrasound and got her to do what they needed. She continued being quiet for the rest of the night, but was in full swing come Tuesday and has been since. I am just glad that all is well and she looks amazing. :)
I truly can't believe how quick this pregnancy has gone. I can't believe that my now family of 5 will soon be a family of 6! To think that my angel will be here for Christmas blows my mind. I am so looking forward to hearing her first cry, seeing her beautiful face for the first time, holding her in my arms. I am ready. It is incredible the love I already feel for her, the protectiveness I already have. I would give anything and do anything for this little girl!!

Mommy loves you Sierra Rose Walker!!!


Marni's Organized Mess said...

You look adorable.

Mama Marshmallow said...

Love the belly. Glad to hear everything is going well!

Lynsey said...

Goodness I'm as big as you and I am 27 weeks tomorrow! Looking good!