Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well, Hello There! :)

First of all, can I just say it is freaking FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!! Already! Ugh... It is super hard to believe that just last weekend my kids and I were running around in bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and 7 days later, there was snow. That is right, only October 3 and there was already that white fluffy stuff making it's appearance. When it got cool on Tuesday, I actually got excited to wear jeans and long sleeves. But to have to wear a freaking jacket already is just insane. It is making me think that we are in for a very long winter. I only wish I liked the cold.

My husband left early yesterday morning to go hunting with his dad. While I enjoy our time apart, I was a bit sad that he was leaving. The last couple weeks he has been incredibly affectionate and passionate and just...awesome. He even went as far as to write me a letter for me to read while he was gone. Yes, my husband, did such a thing. My heart melted. I miss him like crazy and am beyond ready for him to be home. Just another two hours...thank goodness. I am such a baby being home alone. Last night I woke up every hour freaking out. Skylar was in bed with me and I couldn't sleep with my back toward the door because my mind played serious tricks on me. Yes, I am that big of a baby. Oh!!!!!!!!!!! And it is official. We will be trying for one more! :) That was a big part of the letter that was left for me!!

I have been kicking ass on my workout routine. I work out no less than 5 days a week. I strive for 6, but there was one week that I missed two days. Sunday is my "scheduled" day of rest and let me tell you, I like Sundays. But I am really, really enjoying working out. I go to the gym every day at 9:30 for an hour. I do a mix of cardio and weights. And if I am not able to make the gym (their kids club isn't open all day), I am sure to do the Shred at home. I am starting to see a small difference and it is making me want to work out that much more. I love it. I love the way that it makes me feel.

Today the little princess and I went to get her pictures taken. I wanted to get them taken right when she turned 6 months and didn't - I super suck. But I got them done today and they are so freaking cute. I really need to be better about getting pictures done professionally. I have an appointment for all three kiddos next weekend. I am stoked!

Skylar is army crawling like crazy. I can't at all keep her out of the entertainment center. No matter what is on the floor around her, she goes straight there...and with a quickness. I'm not going to lie, I melt every time she smiles at me. I love, love, love when she wants me and only me. And I can't for a second believe how big she is getting.

Swae is striving in second grade. She is doing so well and she has already read through three books this year. She is incredible. She is such a fabulous big sister. The cutest thing is when she tells me to let her take Skylar for a while so that I can get some more sleep. She loves her little sister and loves doing any and everything for her. Oh and she likes to eat the baby bananas.

Sethie is doing fabulous. He is writing his own name like a champ. And we are always working on writing and learning the alphabet. He can do his name and do capital and lower case A, B, & C's. He is such a smart, loving little boy. He enjoys so much spending his days with his little sister and me. He enjoys being a big brother and is always sure to show off his little sister. He adores the heck out of Swae and learns so much from her. He wants to be just like her. I love it.

So in short, I have three wonderful little kids and a wonderful husband. In just two weeks from today, I will be celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my husband. One year of being married...incredible.

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Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous you got a letter :) How sweet is that!!!!!1

I can't believe you guys have's rainy here today but it was in the 70s over the weekend. I wish we got more snow...of course you know how often we get that around here!

I'm the same way about being by myself...can't stand it...can't make it through a night!