Friday, October 30, 2009

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her!! :)

So Wednesday afternoon Skylar was hanging out and playing around. Lately she has been pulling herself to her knees. But Wednesday, she shocked the crap out of me. I was watching her sitting on her knees and playing and then out of no where, she pulled herself up and was STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I about lost my mind with excitement. I didn't have my camera close by and was I quickly reached for my cell phone and snapped the picture one handed.

I can't even believe it. Not even 8 months old! It is so exciting and at the same time it makes me a bit sad because I realize that she is no longer just a little baby. She is getting to be a big girl. And it has happened so quick.

--I am just stoked I got it on camera!!!!--

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Stephanie said...

It goes too quickly! I can't believe she's standing adorable too!