Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who Needs a Job

Truthfully, I am a million times busier now than when I was working full time. I find myself so often wondering where the heck the hours in the day have gone. I had people that were worried that I would be bored not working. HAHAHAH! Bored?! No such luck. I am constantly on the go. Let me just give you a glimpse of my days since Thursday of last week.

Drop our babies off at daycare by 8am. Rush home to shower and have a little girl that is 6 weeks younger than Skylar dropped off before 10 (I watch her about three times a week for a few hours each time). Eli and I went shopping for Swae's birthday presents. Were home long enough to unload the car and then rush to horseshoes (he plays in a league). Get home after 8 and have to eat dinner and get Skylar bathed and to bed.

Up early to get ready and pick Kara up from the airport at 9:30. Go to Starbucks, go see Tara, go look for shoes for the wedding (yes, I am a slacker!!!). Then I rushed home to get my house clean and set up for Swae's party. Ran to the store to get a few last minute things then back home to unload. Ran to pick up cupcakes and then kids from their mom by 5. Hurry home for party at 5:30. People left around 8. My cousin stayed the night with the babies.

Up relatively early, breakfast, play, get ready. Go to my little sister's graduation, then straight to her graduation party. Didn't get home til after 9. Then we let the kids watch a movie since we didn't make it to the drive-in like we had wanted to.

Up super early to get babies ready for Swae's birthday. Had a good breakfast, opened presents, pictures and then they were picked up at 10. Eli decided we should have a BBQ, so we got house ready for that. Got us ready, went to store, people started showing up. People didn't leave til 10pm.

Finally slept in a bit...hahaha, if you could call it that when you are up to feed a little one a couple times. Watched the little girl for a few hours and managed to unload dishwasher even while she was here. She is a little...needy. Cleaned my downstairs since it was thrashed from the BBQ. Got ready and then went to the ladies dinner thing and got home late.

Up early to pick up our babies from their mom at 7:30. Picked up my cousin at 8. Got ready, went to lunch at the shop so the babies could spend some extra time with their daddy, home to watch the other little girl, grocery store, home to cook and do laundry, dinner, and then bath and get kiddos ready for bed.

I'm telling you...NONSTOP! I don't have a chance at all to get bored. Hell, I have to stay up late just to get some computer time (yes, it is almost 11 and I am dragging ass!).

I have to be honest and say that I don't miss my job at all. Not at all. I office, my time to do my stuff on the computer, some of the social-ness, and a few of the people. I don't at all miss the pettiness, the drama, the young needy, jealous girls. I adore being able to spend all my time with Skylar and as much time as possible with Swae and Seth. I find myself super sad on the weekends that we don't have them. Sad enough to bring tears to my eyes. I feel lost without them. Skylar misses them. She loves them so much and lights up every single time they walk in the room and talk to her. It is the cutest thing. I am starting to realize Eli's pain when they aren't here. It isn't at all fun to feel.

I am beyond thankful to be able to stay home. I appreciate Eli and his hard work, long hours, early mornings, late night jobs. Without that, I wouldn't be in the position that I am. I am and will forever be grateful to him and for him allowing me to have this wonderful experience and watch Skylar grow and spend the quality time that I do with Swae and Seth. He isn't missing out either, we are always at the shop for him to be with our babies as well!


Multi-tasking Mama said...

I'm glad that you are happy with your decision. You finally have time to do all the things that you want to do instead of substituting them for things you need to do, i.e. work.

Not that mothering isn't a have to do. It is just a have to do that doesn't feel like work.

Until they are 3. Just wait.

Jiff said...

I always have plenty to do on weekends so I can only imagine that there is a LOT to do during the week. A couple of major differences of work away from home vs. stay at home mom: 1. You never leave your job. No such thing as vacation or calling in sick. and 2. You don't get thanked for your performance or raises, etc. :)

Jeninacide said...

It's so awesome to be able to stay home with your babies when they are little!

Amanda said...

I agree with you--I have never once been bored on my 10+ glorious weeks of maternity leave. I'll never forget this precious time I got to have with my little one. I'm so happy for you that you get to do this!

~Billie~ said...

((HUGS)) It always helps when you enjoy what you do - whether you stay at home or work. Being a SAHM is the busiest, craziest job ever! So worth it, though!

He And Me + 3 said...

Being a SAHM is very busy & rewarding. Never a dull moment for sure.
I am also thankful to my hubs for allowing me that priviledge.

Rachel said...

yep motherhood is never slow.

Rachel said...

and I forgot to say that I am so happy you are staying home with your little ones too!