Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Small World

First let me start by reminding all of you that I have lived in my house for over a year. And!!! The neighbors across the street all moved in the end of last summer, early fall - so almost a year ago now. I will also tell you that I haven't been at all outgoing about meeting my neighbors. I talk regularly to the ones to my right, but that is because the husband is ALWAYS outside and they have a cute dog that the babies adore. I have talked to another couple, but I can count those encounters on one hand. Oh and the house directly across the street, I have talked to the woman that is living there temporarily (she is the guy's mom) while she was outside smoking and letting the dogs go to the bathroom...the kids were outside and had to go pet the dogs. Ok, on to what I was getting at.

Yesterday, my dad stopped by to see little Skylar on his way home. I was standing at his work van when the guy from directly across the street comes over and says hi to my dad. It was then that I realized my neighbor is no stranger. In fact, he is someone that I have grown up with my entire life!!!! My dad coached him in baseball back in the day, his sister used to babysit me. And only did we realize we knew each other from my dad stopping by because neither one of us had recognized each other from the quick passings we've had.

How freaking insane is that?!

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