Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 Month Princess (6-6-09)

And it has been the best three months of my life! Skylar, you are absolutely and utterly amazing. One look at you in the morning and I shrug off my sleepiness and just want to savor every second of just having you near me. This month you started laughing. You don't do it all the time, but when you do, it is the sweetest noise in the world. You are constantly kicking your arms and legs and you love, love, love putting your fingers (and entire hand) in your mouth. You are incredibly strong. You are able to stand and hold your own weight while just hanging on to my fingers. You truly amaze me. You are close to rolling over. You get right to the point where just a touch more and you would roll, but instead you roll yourself the other way. You love your swing and are amazed the little animals you see hanging. You also love your little activity mat. When I first started laying you on it, you just stayed in one spot. Now, within just a couple minutes you are side-ways or upside down...all over the place pretty much. You still love your bath. Your new thing is kicking and splashing while in the bath. You don't mind at all getting water in your face. I still find myself staring at you - a lot. I love to watch you sleep and love when you dream your sweet little dreams and you smile. You have a beautiful smile. Your smile makes everything right in the world. I love everything about you. You are getting so big, so chunky. You definitely eat very well. Your little cheeks are filling out and your thighs...they are getting rolls and thick. I just love it. You are ticklish I have found - on your inner thighs and your sides. You are so fun. I realized the other day with some sadness that you are getting big, that you are no long just a little infant. Yes, you are still little, but time is passing so quickly and you are no longer the small button I held three months ago. You are the bigger, chunkier version. I miss you being that small, but love the little personality that you already have.

This past month you went on your first road trip (4 hours). You did amazing. You would have slept the entire way had I not woken you up to feed you. You spent two full days watching your dad and Papa shoot and did fabulous. I was worried how you would do with all the shooting, but it didn't bother you at all and didn't keep you from napping either. You are such a good little girl. You also went on your first camping trip. Again, you were fabulous. Even with the night being freezing cold, you slept just fine and were a little trooper. I even put your little feet in the cold lake water. You didn't like the cold, but it was a fun experience.

You still love your mommy and still have plenty of moments where only mommy will do. I can't even begin to express how much I love that. I love to snuggle you. I just love you Skylar, with every ounce of my being.


Stephanie said...

What precious pictures!!!! She's just so incredibly cute!

Enjoy because once she starts moving she'll never stop :)

little erin said...

i love skylar too. soooo beautiful!

Jiff said...

She is so cute. And Bayley had that same onesie with the butterfly. :)

Baby laughs are THE BEST!

Alicia W. said...

That last picture just melted my heart!