Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stupid Thursday's

I'm not a huge fan of Thursday's. More so, Thursday morning. Why you all ask? Because I have to take the babies to daycare. I hate it...they hate it. Every other week is especially hard because we don't see them until Tuesday since they are with their mom every other weekend. That is a long time to go without seeing your precious little ones. Things are so incredibly different around the house and we miss them terribly.

When school was in, we had a little bit more time in the morning. But now we are getting up an hour to an hour and a half earlier and it has made our mornings a little bit more tough. The kids don't at all enjoy getting up that early. Before, they would almost wake up on their own every week. But not now. I have to wake them up. And not just them, Skylar too. She doesn't like early morning! She sleeps in til at least 8! (she will feed between 6-7 and then go right back to sleep) We have our time in the morning, but it is just hard dropping them off.

They were very fortunate this morning and were able to see their dad for a few before he left for work. But usually that isn't the case. They always, ALWAYS ask to call him on their way to school. Every day they like to call him and I am quick to give them the phone. I think that is so very important for the.

Sethie was super clingy this morning when I dropped them off. He always says he wants to stay with me. And Swae...wasn't thrilled at all about being there but was a bit more excepting since she had a field trip this afternoon. I made sure to snuggle on them extra before leaving. I hope they know how much Eli and I miss them when they aren't with us.


He And Me + 3 said...

That is such a sweet post. I am sure they miss you just the same.

Jiff said...

I don't understand why they are in daycare at all since you are a SAHM now. I mean, it would save ALL of you money. And their mother could blow her half of the daycare on pedicures or whatever she does with the child support.

Just sayin.