Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two Months Ago

It was a mere two months ago that my life changed in a way I never thought was possible - it was more than I ever dreamed it could be. Since that day two months ago my life has been pure bliss. Yes, Skylar and I have had a few rough days, but not even that can take away from all the joy I feel. We had pooping issues at first (or lack there of). She was getting backed up and it made her uncomfortable. Even with that there were tons of smiles and minimal crying considering. Other than belly aches, she usually only cries when she is hungry or fighting sleep. Already she doesn't want to miss anything.


Sweet Skylar, today sweet girl I am reflecting on one of the best days that has happened in my life thus far. You are such a joy and pleasure to have for a daughter. These last two months have been sheer bliss. Yes, you have made me question myself and parenting skills, but at the end of the day I know that I am doing a good job...I feel that I was made for this mommy thing. You are a true delight. Every single smile, every single coo warms my heart.

In the past month you have become much more alert. You are constantly looking around and trying to figure out your surroundings. I love so much to see you look around when someone else is holding you until you find me - you get a look of comfort and that is such a cool thing to see coming from such a small little girl. Yes love, you are a mommy's girl. I have no doubt that you will become a daddy's girl so for now, I am relishing in our time.

Our time..I cherish our time. I love spending every minute of every day with you. I was away from you for the first time during a dentist appointment (a mere hour) and it was so hard. Thank goodness you were just in the next room and were sleeping. Your daddy took you to see Papa and Grammie the other night for about a half hour too and that wasn't easy either. I guess I need to learn to let go. :) I'll work on it!

You are one strong little girl. You hold your head up and can hold your own weight "standing." You are starting to enjoy laying on your back and looking at your toys. And you are getting used to tummy time. You still aren't a huge fan of it, but it is growing on you. I think that you will learn very quick how to roll over. You are such a smart little girl already.

One of your biggest (well, our...) biggest accomplishments this last month is you sleeping in your cradle during the night. It wasn't easy on me at all at first. In fact, I admit that there were a few nights that I cried myself to sleep while you peacefully slept a foot away all snuggled up in your soft jammies and blanket. I honestly could stare at you for hours. I lay in bed long after you are deep asleep and look through the slats on the cradle and just watch you are so peaceful. I love the sound of your breathing, the little noises you make when you move and stretch. I just love everything about you. You sleep through the night for the most part. Right now you go to bed between 9-10 and will sleep til 5-6 with some stirring between 3-4. And once you feed between 5-6, you go back to sleep for at least another hour and a half. Oh how mommy loves this. And I LOVE mornings with you and your sweet smiley face. You have got a big smile and the cutest little dimples. And you talk to me and tell me good morning and all about your sweet baby dreams. You have the sweetest little voice.

Naps are more of a challenge. During the day, your bright eyes don't want to miss anything and therefore you already like to fight going to sleep. You like for me to hold you until you go to sleep for nap and even then you will fight those heavy eye lids. While it is cute, it is frustrating when you cry because you are so tired. We are working on it though and I am figuring you out and what you like and what helps you take a good nap. And there are days when I decide that naps are our snuggle time. I love to snuggle with you baby girl.

You still love the swing and you enjoy your bath so very much. It doesn't matter how tired, hungry, or unhappy you are, you get silent and just relax. You get a bath every night before bed. You know that after your bath you get to eat and get mad if it doesn't happen right away. You are a bright little girl.

You have the best big sister and big brother ever. They absolutely adore you and you them. Swae can't wait to see you and hold you first thing every morning and she is always by my side to help throughout the day. Seth loves to hold you. And he is always talking to you. Man I wish I had a tape recorder because he says the cutest things to you. Just today he was singing to you in the car because you were fussy. They both hate when you are sad and both light up when you smile and "talk" to them. The three of you are my loves, my angels. The three of you complete me and I love you all with all my heart.

Oh sweet girl how I love you. Your daddy and I are so truly happy. We are so truly blessed to have such an angel in our family. While I can't believe how big you are getting, I am looking forward to this next month with you and the changes that come with it. You are so beautiful and so very wonderful. Happy two month birthday my sweet girl. Mommy loves you...always and the moon and back!


Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

isnt it amazing how you can love someone so much! She is so pretty! I love her

Jane said...

I can't believe she is two months already! Happy 2 months little one!!

Stephanie said...

Happy 2 months Skylar!!!!

I'm so happy for you :) Hope you're doing well!

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow 2 months already. YOu are so blessed.

little erin said...

awww. great post! i am so happy for you! i cannot believe it has already been two months. your daughter is beautiful. i am so happy for you!