Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm going to make a "to do" list today and hope I stuck to it. I get easily side tracked. I wanted to do Skylar's letter all day and yet didn't finish until late last night. I didn't even email it out to the family yet. AND!!!! I didn't share new pictures of her. Those are definitely things on the "to do" list for today.

One of my good friends is going through a really rough time. Her life has turned upside down and I feel just awful for her. While she admits to her own wrong doings, she had made and continued making changes for the better...something she will continue to do. For now, her heart is breaking and as a friend I don't know what to do. Of course I am there for her and talk and listen, but that doesn't ease her pain or make anything better. I just wish there were something more I could do to help, to make it better. I am hoping it is enough just knowing she can come to me and I will listen. I hate when people are sad. :(

Oh another thing I need to do is find both my mom and MIL their presents for Mother's Day. What are all you getting for your moms???


Megan said...

I'm flying to the Bay Area to be with my Mom for Mother's Day, and me and all my sibs are pitching in and getting professional photos taken of all of us on Saturday, since the whole fam will be there. For my MIL I ordered flowers to be delivered, since we won't be with her that day.

Don't be too hard on yourself for not sticking exactly by your to-do list. You're a busy girl! And your friend is lucky to have you. xoxo

Mrs. F said...

My mom has requested a pink set of tools. So that her husband will not steal them!

My gift came in the mail yesterday, and I got two purses from my kids. They rock! (The kids! Well, and the purses!)

~Billie~ said...

I need to figure out what to get my MIL for Mother's Day too. I was thinking a plant, but we just bought them a rose bush for their Anniversary. I found some cute Dangle Earings, but I'm not sure if she ever wears those... I need more idea!

Stephanie said...

Hope your friend is okay!

Loved your letter was great! I got your email too..I'll have to sit down and write you back tomorrow :)


Jiff said...

I got my mom a silver necklace with a heart that has "My favorite people call me Grandma." inscribed on it.