Friday, May 15, 2009

10 week

Today we went to the doctor for shots. Not fun at all. Skylar was in the best mood. She was smiling, "talking," and laughing. She was showing off her strength holding her head up and standing. She was adored by all. The little princess is packing on the pounds. She now weighs 10lb 10oz and is 23 inches long. The doctor was very impressed and said she is very ahead of the game. Eli and I must be doing something right. :) The shots broke my heart. She started crying instantly and then turned bright red - redder than I ever thought imaginable -and then was so upset she couldn't breathe. It was awful. Poor little baby girl. She has been surprisingly happy for the rest of the day. She still is talking and smiling but tender on her chubby thighs from being poked. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the cute picture!

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Courtney said...

Shots are definitely not fun. Those visits broke and still break my heart everytime!!! But don't they just bounce back :)

amanda said...

oh the shots :( i'd love to tell you it gets easier - but that would be a lie!

Christy said...

I hate when the kids have to get shots. It is always traumatic.

Nellie said...

ok. the first line of this entry makes me SO sad! 10 weeks?! I have been so not reading blogs lately and I need to get back to it... I have lots to read here I see! :)

How are things? I guess if I go read I'll probably figure that one out :)

I don't know if you booted me or if I can't get in to your "other" blog because I haven't clicked over to it in a while... but can I come back in???? Pretty please?!

Hope things are good, I'm going to read up tonight and tomorrow. Bye!

Rachel said...

She is such a cutie!! I hate watching my kids feel any pain.