Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have wanted to post about our New Year's and some resolutions I have made for myself, yet haven't had the time. And while I have the time and am posting right now, I have something else I need to write about before I do that post.

You see, our two youngest angels are sick. Way to start out the new year right?? Skylar started with a super snotty, runny nose and then developed a cough over the weekend. Then Sunday evening, little Sierra started coughing. This I knew wasn't good. I called the doctor first thing Monday morning and of course, they wanted to see both girls. I was figuring cold or ear infection for Skylar and praying that Sierra didn't have RSV.

Doctor checked Skylar first off and told me: RSV. My heart sank. Then, she checked her ears...DOUBLE ear infection. Awesome. Then it was Sierra's turn. Sounded just like Skylar, but was wheezing. So she thought RSV. They swabbed her nose, checked her oxygen levels and temp and it turned out negative. However, she has the virus the mocks RSV and is being treated the same way. Oh and on top of that...DOUBLE EAR INFECTION. So, we have medicine for ear infections and both girls have to do breathing treatments.

My heart completely crumbled. In fact, I cried. I hate that my girls are sick. Hate that it is them feeling nasty and not me. Sierra is barely a month old. They are worried about her getting pneumonia. She's too little to be sick and I feel like I have done something wrong for BOTH of my baby girls to be sick.

Last night, we tried doing Skylar's breathing treatment while she was awake...HUGE mistake. She lost her mind. She didn't want the mask and continued to freak out the entire time with me just holding the thing close to her face at all. It was awful. So this morning, I tried while she was sleeping and she slept through it. I didn't put the mask all the way on her, but held it up to her face and it worked out much nicer. Too bad she will be napping in the car today...

I pray that the girls get better quick-like. I want my babies well.


*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

So sorry Dear, prayers that your girls get better quickly. :-(

Stephanie said...

You've been on my mind these past two days. I've been praying for both Skylar and Sierra!!!

We've been through the RSV and it's no fun! I can tell you that breathing treatments are much easier when they are sleeping. When Lucas was a baby and had RSV I had to give him breathing treatments around the clock every 2 hours. I'd set my clock and get up just give them to him while he was asleep - it wasn't worth it trying to wake him up and him getting upset.

Praying they get better quickly - if you wanna talk shoot me an email - you know where I'm at :)


Lynsey said...

Oh man it's so heartbreaking when they're sick. You didn't do anything wrong, it's just that time of the year. Lots of handwashing/hand sanitizing, get some lysol spray and wipes for the doorknobs, sinks, etc. Lots of fruits and veggies for the older one and for you if your nursing. Hopefully they'll get better quick. Just give them lots of snuggles.

Kim said...

I hope the little ones feel better. That is the worst when you want to be sick for them!