Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Peas = No Like!

I was hopeful for Skylar to try peas tonight. I really thought it would go well with how well she did with squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. No such luck at all!! She HATED them. She was literally gagging. And while it wasn't funny, it was. And I was laughing...out loud. Swae came to see what all the fuss was about and she was rolling and wanted to continue to feed her even though Skylar clearly wanted nothing more to do with it!
This was also Swae's first time feeding her! :)
And this is why I was laughing. hahahah! Just looking at the picture cracks me up! Definitely doesn't like them.
I will not give up though and will try again. It is just something new and just not sweet. So...we will keep trying and hope she comes around. If not, there will at least be some cheap entertainment! Just kidding, that's not nice!


Just Jiff said...

I took pics of Bayley hating things too. It IS hilarious!

Lindz said...

Try spinach or things that are green and not so sweet. Maybe if you processed some broccoli?

Stephanie said...

Allie never liked peas either. Love that face...aren't those hilarious!?!

Melanie said...

I don't blame her!! I hate peas too. But I love pictures like that!! Adorable!