Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am freaking sore!!!! But it feels great at the same time. I am weird. I like feeling the pain because then I know I am doing something. However, it isn't fun at all to walk up or down my stairs and sitting on the toilet is a chore in itself!

Three days at the gym under my belt. Today I woke up hurting after the class I took yesterday and was thinking of not going. But I didn't to be a "sissy la la" and sucked it up. I am so happy that I did too! I'm definitely enjoying this trend! Skylar did awesome in the kids club today. The teachers in there love her (can't blame them!).

Tomorrow: Turbo Kick Box
Saturday: Bootcamp

And Sunday...that will be my day of rest.


Just Jiff said...

I am starting the Shred this weekend. And back on my wii fit. Gotta do something.

YAY YOU! You look awesome anyway.

Cat said...

Good job, Stephanie!