Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New Trend

I started back the gym yesterday. I had to wait until Skylar was six months old so she could go in the little kids club.

I was only there about 45 minutes doing cardio and abs and I could see in the kids club a lot of the time and Skylar was in the walker bouncing all around. When I went in to get her, she was beaming and both teachers commented on what a great baby she is and so very happy.

After that, I felt great and was super excited to go again. So, after dropping Swae at school, we went back again. I wanted to do a class that was an hour long. I had high hopes of making it through. Yea, they were soon crushed when I got pulled out to say that my daughter was having a HUGE meltdown and they couldn't get her to calm down. With twenty minutes left, I walked out. I was sad because I was enjoying, but Skylar was definitely in need. I walked in and she was being held by one of the teachers. She was screaming and arching and flailing all about it. Ugh! It took just a few to calm her down, but at that point, it was time to leave.

Tomorrow the plan is this: feed her before walking in and pray that she makes it through while I work out. I am loving being back in the gym. The plan is to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for sure since I am already up and can go right after I drop Swae at school. Then I will pick at least one or two more days to go other than that. I just love the way that it makes me feel. Skylar needs to get on board!


Jeninacide said...

That's awesome you're getting back into it. Cole LOVES going to the kids club. LOVES IT! He is so cute when I drop him off he tries to climb under the gate to get in while I am signing him in!

He's always glad to see me when I am done though, too. It's good for both of us. :o)

Stephanie said...

Bless her heart...she just wanted her mommy :)