Thursday, April 9, 2009

She's a Fighter...ALREADY!

Skylar's new thing is fighting sleep. It is crazy. She will be so insanely tired and yet she will fight letting her eyes closed. She has just taken an hour of fussing, calming down, crying, calming down, etc to finally allow herself to get to sleep. It's like she doesn't want to miss anything a month old! I thought that happened when they got older!!! She of course would go right to sleep if I picked her up and held her, but I don't want to be strapped to always having to hold her for her to fall asleep. There are plenty of times that she will just nap and go right to sleep, but the other times...ugh!

I am proud that I held out. I let her fuss it out and she is now sleeping peacefully! Mind you, she wasn't screaming. I was right next to her - talking to her, giving her her binkie, and soothing her. I just don't like when she isn't happy (or the other two for that matter either!!!). :( I'm looking forward to her waking up and being full of her sweet smiles!


Megan said...

Oh yes, Braelyn went through the same still happens from time to time especially with naps.

Stephanie said...

To this day I still rock Allie to sleep for every nap and at nighttime. It can be aggravating at times because she doesn't go to sleep on her own but it's our time together. During the rest of the day I've got other kids going crazy and there's constant noise nighttime when I go in my room and sit on the bed with her that's our alone time. I love that time of day! Caleb was the same way also and when Allie came I started getting him to go to sleep on his'll come with time...i'm proof that you don't have to start from day one on them teaching themselves to go to sleep...caleb goes down on his own all the time now.

Jiff said...

They just get louder and their cries sound more and more pitiful/angry.

Bayley was doing that last night. I tried rocking her (she'd want to play with my hair or look around or squirm) so I put her in her crib (she'd CRY SCREAM WHINE) and finally I let her wear herself out and I put her in her swing. She was out in a few minutes. I hate the cry it out method, but sometimes you just have to do it. :(