Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Sickness

Our little boy has been fighting sickness since Saturday. He has had a temperature since Saturday. Yesterday he started complaining that his throat and ear hurt and I was worried that he had another ear infection - that would make three in two months and they would have wanted to do surgery.

Eli and I took him to the doctor today and we were so thankful to find that his ear was clear and healthy. He did have the white, pussy pockets on his throat but that is due to a virus going around. Nothing can be done other than Tylenol and lots of TLC! He was such a trooper at the doctor, especially when she did the strep swab. The little man is strong. But since he has a virus he was told to keep away from both of his sisters...something he doesn't at all like to do.

I pray that neither Swae or Skylar get it. I have been being very mindful to be sure that he washes his hands after they are near his face, to not touch on Skylar and for him to not kiss on either of the girls. He is so cute. He loves his sisters so much that he just wants to be near them and love on them. Tonight at bed time he kissed the top of Skylar's head...not what he is used to and you could tell he was missing kissing on her like normal. And Swae...she is so cute. She kept reminding him that he was sick and to be careful. She is such a momma though she just wanted to reach out to him like crazy.

I am starting to get sick. I hate to admit it, but I am getting a sore throat and it sucks! I am strong though and keep telling myself I am not getting sick!!!! Let's hope my body listens to my mind!!


Jiff said...

Ugh. We are getting sick too!! A cute 6 month old at Bayley's daycare gave it to her. :( And now I'm sick too.

He And Me + 3 said...

Sickness is no fun I hope that the rest of you stay healthy and that you start feeling better soon.

Southern Belle said...

Aw MM, I hope you're feeling better today! *hugs* And, baby girl is absolutely precious. Almost makes me wish I had one of my own=)

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Remember that you are going to get sick easier when you are breastfeeding since you are giving away all of your anti-bodies to the baby.

That's ok though, better you than her right?

Stephanie said...

CAn you tell I haven't been around...I didn't even know you had posted! I'm horrible!! :) Hope everyone is starting to feel better!