Monday, July 26, 2010

Tomorrow - July 27

Tomorrow is a very big day.

1. Our little boy is turning 5! 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to the little boy in diapers, that was barely talking and toodling around? Now Seth is turning into such a big boy. He is quite the little man. He is such a gentleman. He is still quite the little snuggler and little love. But he is all boy for sure. Loves to play baseball and run around and wrestle. Loves his daddy - daddy is definitely his hero. Loves being a big brother and is good at it. He likes helping and is wanting to be more helpful and have more responsibility around the house. He is such a charming little boy and I love him so very much. I am so proud of him. He is going to be starting kindergarten in just a month and it seriously floors me!

2. We get to find out whether this little bean is a boy or a girl! And Swae, Seth and Skylar get to be there to experience it with us! I am beyond excited. I can't even wait. I probably won't be able to sleep tonight I am so excited!!! I can't say for sure what I think this baby is. The only dream that I have had is that it is a boy. I would like a boy to keep the numbers even, but would be so happy to have another baby girl as well. All I know is that either way I am incredibly blessed and will be happy no matter what.

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Stephanie said...

Yay!!!! Can't wait to hear what you're having :) Because you are going to tell,right? HaHa

Happy Birthday to Seth!!!!