Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Belly Pics! 17-18 weeks

17w1d - ignore the stupid expression on my face!
18w2d - feeling that there has definitely been a pop!
It is hard to believe that I am almost half way through this pregnancy. I definitely am starting to feel pregnant. Having a little bump growing is a nice little reminder. And I am enjoying the flutters becoming more often and stronger. I am not enjoying the reflux, but am dealing because anything is worth it to bake another perfect baby!
Swae and Seth are starting to focus on the baby more and more. They are sure to kiss the baby every night before bed. Always rubbing, talking, and making sure that I am doing right. Very protective they both are. I have been trying to tell Skylar more and more that there is a baby in my belly. She looks at me crazy but will lay her head on my belly and rub it...could be that she just likes rubbing my skin. Who knows!
We will be finding out whether this baby is a boy or a girl on Seth's 5th birthday - July 27! The kids are beyond excited as they get to be there. They have been set on being able to see their baby on a big screen. I am so happy that they get to be a part of this and finding out will be even more special with them being there. Less than 2 weeks to go. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
I am a little nervous on how Miss Skylar is going to handle a little baby. She is quite the momma's girl and doesn't at all like when someone else is getting my attention. When I was holding my friend's new baby the other day, she had to be right up in my lap and be sure she got my attention. However, she is cute and wants to rub the baby's head and is very gentle. Maybe this is good practice and will help out in the long run.
Overall, I am loving this pregnancy. I am feeling well and loving every experience. I am looking forward to the bigger, stronger movements. I have no idea what this little one looks like or what gender it is, but already, I am so very much in love. I can't wait to hold this little angel, to have our family complete. I am one happy and lucky mommy!!


He & Me + 3 said...

OMgosh! Congrats again. You are so tiny. Cute baby belly. TINY

Megan said...

Gorgeous as always! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Soooo pretty! Love the bump!

Lynsey said...

You do have a bump but you're still a skinny little thing! How exciting to feel him or her move. I feeing them for the first time is so inredible!