Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Day

Thursday's usually start out a little rough for me. It is an early morning with having to get Swae and Seth up, dressed, and ready for their mom to pick up by 7:30am. I try to leave a little extra time so I can snuggle them before sending them on their way, but it never makes it easier. And it is so sad when Skylar tries to hurl herself out the door after them. It doesn't matter where Swae moves her to, she books it to the door and just looks after them like "where are you guys going???" It's pretty sad.

Today turned out to be a good day. My little princess and I snuggled up a bunch and we played. And then I decided that we didn't need to be in the house anymore and should go on a walk. I bundled up Skylar and put some layers on myself and away we went. Today was gorgeous. It was bright and sunny. It wasn't super warm, but it wasn't freezing cold either. The walk was wonderful. It was so nice to be out. I didn't really know where we were headed, just was going. We ended up being gone for two and a half hours. Skylar loved it and didn't complain at all. She just looked around at everything and would talk to me and whatever else she saw. We stopped at the park for about a half an hour. At first Skylar wasn't sure about it and wanted to be held. But after going down the slide a couple times and her seeing the other kids playing, she was good to go. She LOVED the swings. She laughed and laughed. She liked going down the slide - she needs help though or else she would fall backwards. She smiled pretty much the entire time we were there.

It was so nice to be out. So nice to spend the time with my little angel. It makes me so excited for summer, so excited for the adventures that we have ahead of us. Oh and I got some great pictures that I will definitely be sharing soon!


He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds like a nice day. The park is so fun...sounds like she will be loving it this summer.

Stephanie said...

Aw how sweet that she loves them so much she hates to see them leave-I know it's not easy on you either.

Love that you guys got to spend the day at the park though-what a fun time!